Selection of evaluation assignments:

From policy to practice
A metaanalysis of four national programs for Gender Mainstreaming in Sweden. We found that there has been an ambiton to combine theory and practice and that a lot of learning can be drwan from these efforts. The analysis focus on a few central difficulties in the programs, of relevance for future work. The difficulties mainly concern prerequisites for project and program actions. We have also focused on two dilemmas that concern gender equality politics. Firstly gender equality as a "goal" or as a "means", secondly gender equality as a separate political area or as part of anti-discrimination work.

This project offers support for gender mainstreaming which can lead to an increased level of quality and target achievement within projects funded by The European Social Fund. It worked from Jan 2009 – Dec 2013 and was run by the Swedish County Administrative Boards. Together with APeL FoU Ann Boman Utveckling AB was responsible for the ongoing evaluation of the project.

Program for gender mainstreaming
The Swedish association of Local Authorities and Regions runs a 5 year program for gender mainstreaming at regional and local level in Sweden. I have evaluated some of the local projects and at present I run two long term evaluation workshops where representatives from projects learn how to evaluate their own work.

Inter-Parliamentary Union
In cooperation with Indevelop and Lesley Abdela I have performed an evaluation of the work for gender equality in the international organization IPU.
You can download the report here.

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