JämStöds reports

JämStöd has published reports to guide and support those seeking to mainstream a gender perspective into their own organizations and activities.

Final report
JämStöds final report, Support for the Future. Gender mainstreaming and its prerequisites, outlines the committees proposals to the Swedish Government. The final report is only available in Swedish but you can read Ann Boman’s introduction to the report here

Gender Equality in Public Services
In publishing this book, our aim is to show how gender mainstreaming can upgrade and improve the activities of public organisations. As a technique, gender mainstreaming is guaranteed to produce results, paving the way for legally secure, democratic and efficient service provision – for both women and men.
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Gender Mainstreaming Manual
If we are to challenge and modernise an activity or operation, we need working models and methods that help us achieve our aims. Gender mainstreaming is development work with a long-term perspective and it only fully bears fruit when it is approached systematically.
This book is a compilation of the methods and models that we find most useful, all of which have been tested in various types of operations. Our hope is that they will be of practical use to people engaged in a gender equality analysis, producing a plan of action or evaluating their work.
All methods and models come equipped with step-by-step guidelines.
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