Creative meeting procedures

A meeting is only useful if learning is taking place. Learning is enhanced by using methods for participatory processes, which in the long run means it will take less time to put your plans into practice. . And this constitutes a more efficient use of time.

Ann Boman Utveckling AB provides services such as a facilitator or moderator for your meetings but also training for groups as trainers, consultants and management staff in creative meeting procedures.

Creative online meetings

Are you spread over different towns, cities or countries? Do you need meetings for exchange of experiences or to brainstorm different development questions? do you need to keep travel expenses to a minimum? do you find traditional video conferences and telephone meetings limiting?

Ann Boman Utveckling AB provides a creative meeting method and a technical platform that enhances active participation thereby allowing you to renew and improve your long distance meetings.

Ann Boman Utveckling AB also provides many of its services as online training with this platform.

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