Selection of publications

A selection of evaluation reports:

  • From Policy to Practice. A metaanalysis of investments in Gender Mainstreaming in Sweden. 2013 (in Swedish)
  • One Link of the Chain. Evaluation of ESF Jämt - support structure for gender mainstreaming of projects financed by the European Social Fund. 2013 (in Swedish)
  • Case study report abound gender impact assessments in Sweden. Sept 2013. Part of study for EIGE. (in English)
  • Gender equality in the Albanian General Tax Directorate. Final report on the Gender component in the project “Swedish support to the Tax Administration in Albania, General Tax Department (GTD) in Tirana and Durrës”. Indevelop 2012. (in english)
  • Review of Inter-Parliamentary Union´s Gender Programme "Promoting gender equality in politics". Final report, Aug 2010 (in English)

Selection of other reports:

Framåtblickande kvinnor mitt i verkligheten [Forward-looking women rooted in reality]
A qualitative study of local work by the Swedish Red Cross. Röda korset 1996

Developing the work-place. Especially for women. 
Final report from the ALFA Q programme. The Swedish Workinglife Fund. 1995.

SOU 1987:19: Varannan damernas [Every other one a woman]
Final report from the government inquiry on womens representation. Ministry of Labour 1987.

Ds A 1986:4, Ska även morgondagens samhälle styras enbart av män? [Should men alone govern in tomorrow’s society, too?] 
Interim report from the government inquiry on womens representation. Arbetsmarknadsdepartementet 1986.

Varken fågel eller fisk [Neither fish, flesh nor fowl]
Pay growth among promoted administrative assistants at SIDA. Arbetstagarkonsult 1985.

Omsorg och solidaritet - ohållbara argument? [Care and solidarity – insupportable arguments?] 
Lessons learned from a union study program on the theme of work and technology. Arbetslivscentrum 1983.

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