Gender equality

Can I rely on services provided by your organization to be as accessible, of the same high quality and of equal benefit whether I am a woman or a man?

Gender mainstreaming
Gender mainstreaming is a strategy to achieve gender equality. Ann Boman Utveckling AB provides professional consultancy support in planning, organizing and implementing Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting plans.

Training courses and support can be specially designed to suit:

  • Politicians
  • Top management
  • Gender strategists/experts
  • Staff and working group

Also available:

  • Training of trainers and consultants
  • Support in the process of planning and organizing development work
  • Training in gender impact assessments:
    An effective way to
    set up a training on gender analysis/assessments is to organize
    trainings for staff in social services, education, leisure activities, etc.
    I usually organize the program in several steps where participants can work at home
    make their own survey and analysis of some of its activities between training sessions.

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